• Miss Clawdy’s kitchen isn’t shy when it comes to cooking.
  • Miss Clawdy's flavours are big, playful and have attitude.
  • Miss Clawdy's menu aims to inspire and be relished anytime of the day.
  • Southern fried oyster po’ boys, prawn and green papaya salad, jambalaya with crayfish and Bourbon butter and a soul-arresting key lime pie are a taste of the dishes on offer.
  •  Miss Clawdy is a place named for a song and is as inviting for a sole diner as for a group of twenty.
Designed by Cheshire Architects, the restaurant is lavished in hand-made patterns and vibrant colours, visually reflecting the rich tension between poverty and celebration in the south.

You found us, come on in.

Miss Clawdy is your soul food haven. Inspired by Lloyd Price’s 1952 New Orleans hit single, ‘Lawdy Miss Clawdy’, we feed hungry hearts with edible goodness wrapped in a lil’ southern magic.

Be warned, Miss Clawdy’s kitchen ain’t shy when it comes to cooking. Flavours are big, playful and have attitude, just like Miss Clawdy herself.

Miss Clawdy praises the souL, heart and essence of sharing derived from southern cuisine.

We appreciate you stopping by, see ya’ll soon.

Miss Clawdy is a walk-in restaurant. We have one table that fits a dozen folk available for booking.